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Types of Microphones for Recording

The 17 Categories and Sub-categories of Microphones Explained  When it comes to audio recording, the importance of capturing the best quality sounds can never be overstated. Luckily, the market is flooding with thousands of microphones to help you in this. While they all serve the same purpose of capturing audio, they are worlds apart when […]

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Best Mics for Kick Drums and Bass Guitars – 2019 Update!

Best Kick Bass Guitars and Kick Drums Mics 2017- Buyer’s GuideThe best bass microphones offer a great way of embodying your hits with sound quality and fullness. Improper recording of kick drums and electric bass guitars makes your mixes appear ‘weak’ and ‘malnourished.’ No one wants that. As such, it’s critical that you get the best […]

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Best Microphones for YouTube

Best Microphones for YouTube Gaming and SingingIf you are a YouTube content creator, you need to ensure that your videos are exemplary.  It is not always about the image quality; the sound is also a critical feature. This is regardless of whether you are doing it professionally or just for fun. This is where the […]

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Best Large Diaphragm Microphones

Best Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones  – Buyer’s GuideLarge diaphragm microphones should come first when the idea of starting a home recording studio hits you. During this time, you need not spend much on a bunch of studio recording microphones when one piece can be used in an array of projects.As we mentioned in our flagship […]

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Best Condenser Mic under $300 – 2019 Update!

 Best Condenser Mics under $300 for 2018Looking for one of the best condenser mics under $300 for Vocals? We’ve handpicked 6 of the best for you. Read through One of the centerpieces of any studio gear setup is a microphone. A condenser microphone is incredibly useful when it comes to the accurate following of sound […]

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