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Best Condenser Mic under $300 – 2019 Update!

 Best Condenser Mics under $300 for 2018Looking for one of the best condenser mics under $300 for Vocals? We’ve handpicked 6 of the best for you. Read through One of the centerpieces of any studio gear setup is a microphone. A condenser microphone is incredibly useful when it comes to the accurate following of sound […]

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The Best USB Microphones for Recording and Podcasting (2019)

Best USB Microphones for Home RecordingThe emergence of USB microphones is slowly changing the myth that one needs to invest in complex studio hardware to achieve quality YouTube videos, podcasts and vocals. Well, USB microphones aren’t replacing the XLR-connected mics any time soon. But they are getting better with each day. We now have several musicians, […]

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Best Closed Back Headphones Under $300 to $100 (2019 Review)

Best Closed Back Headphones Btwn $100 and $300<img class=”tve_image wp-image-52277″ alt=”best closed back headphones under $300″ title=”best closed back headphones under $300″ data-id=”52277″ src=”//” style=”width: 100%;”>I am a big fan of cool music. But again I wouldn’t spend my hard earned cash on headphones that don’t give me quality music sound. I therefore am doing […]

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Best Microphones for YouTube

Best Microphones for YouTube Gaming and SingingIf you are a YouTube content creator, you need to ensure that your videos are exemplary.  It is not always about the image quality; the sound is also a critical feature. This is regardless of whether you are doing it professionally or just for fun. This is where the […]

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The 10 Best Condenser Microphones – (2019 Review)

Best Condenser Microphones- Buyers Guide<img class=”tve_image wp-image-52242″ alt=”best condenser microphones” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ title=”best condenser microphones in 2018″ data-id=”52242″ src=”//” style=”width: 100%;”>Anyone whose career or hobby rotates around podcasting, audio recording or music production requires a condenser mic.  Luckily, the market spans a whole lot of these sound gears. So, finding the right for your needs shouldn’t […]

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