Best Throat Lozenges for Singers – 2021 Update!

Best Throat Lozenges for Singers - Throat Remedies

Written By James Quinn

Best Throat Lozenges for Singers


Throat Discs Throat Lozenges, Original Formula, 1.5 ounce box (Pack of 3)

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1. Throat Discs Throat Lozenges

Provides soothing relief to throat from hoarseness, tickles, overuse, dryness and smoking. Great for speakers, singers and smokers.


Thayers Alcohol-free Unscented Witch Hazel Toner (12-oz.) ( Pack May Vary )

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2. Thayers Natural Remedies

All natural. Free of preservatives, lactose, gluten, and sodium. Unlike menthol, they don't have a dulling effect. 


Singer's Throat Spray and Lozenges Bonus Super Saver Pack 2 x Clarity Throat Sprays 30mls and 1 x box Vocalzone

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3. Vocalzone Singer's Lozenges

Natural and organic ingredients only. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Doesn't contain alcohol or parabens. Delicious Honey Lemon Flavour or Elderberry


Grether’s Pastilles Original Formula for Dry Mouth and Sore Throat Relief, Blackcurrant, 15 oz. Box

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Relieves sore throats, dry mouth, strained voices, and hoarseness. Great for musicians, performers and speakers


Vocalzone Throat 24 Pieces Pack of 3

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5. Vocalzone Throat Pastilles

 Offers relief and soothing against irritations caused by singing, excessive speaking, or smoking.


VitaVocal Throat & Voice Enhancer

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6. VitaVocal Throat & Voice Enhancer

Made from natural herbs and vitamins. Great for actors, singers, public speakers. Minimizes Dryness. Boosts Voice. Soothes Throat and ehances Vocal Clarity. Reduces hoarseness. Also great for Laryngitis. 


TMRG Powerful Vocal Recovery KIT-Normal (15ml Drops + 45gr Powder + 10ml Oil +Clip) Professional Vocal Cord Remedy 100% Natural Herbal Voice Supplement for Sore Throat Hoarse Voice Hoarseness

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7. TMRG Powerful Vocal Recovery

Soothes strained, tired, sore vocal cords and repairs vocal cord damage.  Eliminates hoarseness, warts, dry cough, cysts, polyps,  and refreshes vocal clarity


Singer's Saving Grace Professional Strength - Non-Alcohol

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8. Herbs Etc, Singers Saving Grace Throat Spray

Soothes, offers relief and to  throat tissues and vocal tissues. Great for singers, actors, teachers and public speakers.


Ocusoft Fontus Throat Lozenges, Green Apple, 5.5 Ounce

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9. Ocusoft Fontus Throat Lozenges

Offers moisturizing relief from dryness and stimulates saliva production, assisting in recovery of strained vocal cords. Has manuca honey, glycerin and aloe vera. 


Voice37 - Vocal Remedy for Singers - All Natural Herbal Vocal Booster and Expectorant Formula to Lubricate Soothe and Relieve Hoarseness Dry Itchy Throat - Enhance Singing and Speaking - 2 oz

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10. Voice37 - Singers Voice Remedy

Made without alcohol, and its vegetarian base includes slippery elm bark, fennel seed, horseradish root, celery seed, and horehound herb. Relief for harsh, rough and raspy voice.

As a musician, you will quite often be exposed to extensive throat activities and different environment.

After an overnight performance, for example, you might find your throats painful. The pain and the accompanied coughs might stress and you much. 

Though at times, when they persist, the strains might be a medical problem, you must not always have time to see a medic instantly. To help you we have reviewed some of the best throat remedies for singers -throat lozenges for scratchy, swollen and strained vocal cords .

Lozenges help in salvaging such a situation. They readily dissolve into the mouth liquids to give a cooling effect to the irritations and the pains. These throat issues may affect the performance of singers if they are not dealt with efficiently.

It is, therefore, necessary for any singer to familiarize themselves with the best throats lozenges available for them.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best lozenges for singers which are great compliments tea for singers and throat sprays.

These are my top picks for a sore throat


Cepacol Maximum Strength Throat Drop Lozenges, Cherry, 16 ct (Pack of 3)

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1. Cepacol Maximum Strength Cough Drops that Numb Throat



If you have a stage performance slated while you are on a sore throat or a bad cough, the only thing you could be thinking about is getting the throat back to shape as fast as possible.

The Cepacol Drop lozenges provide a considerable relaxation of the throat ailments almost instantly. A sore throat can be a nightmare for anyone, not just a singer, as it is both painful and sound restraining.

The cough accompanying it is equally a nuisance. That is why this lozenge doe not only numb pain but also kill a cough.

One interesting thing is that you don't need a doctor's prescription to take the dose. However the fact that it doesn't mean you shouldn't consult a medical doctor before taking it especially if you are on other forms of medication. 

It is also made of products which friendly to adults and children over the age of five. Some of the products include honey, cherry, and lemon.

How does it work?

The Lozenge contains benzocaine as one of the ingredients. Benzocaine delivers an anti-pain feeling on the receptors. Therefore, you should not feel scared of a numb feeling after using it.

It is straightforward to use since it is available in both sprays and fast dissolving tablets hence delivering an instant relaxation of the throat tissues.

For more great product reviews like this, why not check out best earplugs for concerts guide?


  • Deals with mouth and throat irritations as well as allergies
  • Relieves the throat of the pain instantly
  • No doctor's prescription required.


  • Has a numbing effect on the throat


Sucrets Sore Throat Lozenges, Wild Cherry Flavor, 18 Count

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2. Sucrets Classic Sore Throat Lozenges



Unlike the Cepacol mouth drop lozenge which works on throat sores and accompanying coughs, Sucrets lozenges also work on dry mouths. However, the relief is not as permanent as in the case of the Cepacols.

The comfort is usually instantaneous therefore perfect for use on minor throat fails during presentations. 

Though it works hard and fast on the inflamed throat tissues, it has an enjoyable taste. This sweet flavor is from the honey and cherries used as the lozenge components. 

The vapor cherry also give a cooling effect on the irritating tissues that would otherwise lead to dry coughs.

You might not know when the throat sore or a dry cough catches on you. To cushion yourself, you can carry along a pack of this with you.

It is packaged in very portable and durable tins hence easy to pack in your purse or bags. 

It is, however, important to consult a doctor in case it's for use by children below two years.

Have you seen our guide to the recording studio equipment checklist?


  • Has instant cooling effect on throat irritations
  • Perfectly packed for efficient carrying along
  • Has a pleasant taste


  • Doesn't have a permanent relief to the discomforts

Fisherman's Friend Cough Drops, Cough Suppressant and Sore Throat Lozenges, Strong and Soothing Natural Menthol Flavor, 10mg Menthol, Original Extra Strong, 38 Count (Pack of 6)

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3. Fisherman's Friend Cough Drops



These are a tried and tested throat lozenger with a brand that has been around since 1865. They are both a strong cough suppressant and sore throat lozenges.

They are made of all-natural ingredients featuring natural powerful menthol. They work wonders on relieving a congested nose, opening up the airway and also on scratchy throats.

These are great for everyone from fishermen, singers, actors to grandparents.

The company is constantly working on improving their carbon footprint and all their lozenges are Kosher and Halal certified. They are the perfect go to for anyone with dietary restrictions as they are gluten and dairy free.


They do not taste the best, but they work. The company has good morals and is tried and tested. They stop sore throats and ease congestion in their tracks.

Halls Mountain Menthol Sugar Free Cough Drops - with Menthol - 300 Drops (12 bags of 25 drops)

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4. HALLS Sugar-Free Cough Drops



HALLS Sugar-Free Cough Drops does not only help you cool irritants. It also helps fight them but providing vitamin C. 

The pain and irritation relieve path of this lozenge is extended to the nasal area. This means it does not only solve mouth issues but the entire sound and air passage irritations.

Some of these irritants include allergies, coughs, and sore throats.

The fact that is works on allergies makes it an excellent tablet to use in different seasons like the harvest seasons, dusty period and other allergy contributing situations.

Every drop of this lozenge is golden. It nourishes your mouth with a cooling effect while suppressing cough.

Made of honey, it gives you a sweet taste for all the 180 drops contained in the sachet.


  • It is instrumental in solving dry mouth discomforts
  • Has a pleasant taste
  • Good for allergies


  • Doesn't numb pains instantly

Fisherman's Friend - Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges Original Extra Strong 2 Pack - 40 Lozenges.Pack of 3

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5. Fisherman's Friend – Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges



Fisherman's friend is arguably the best cough suppressant. Menthol is a known extra-performing component when it comes to suppressing cough.

It works on both cold and nasal receptors giving them a cooling effect of irritants. This cooling effect does not only include flu, throat sore and dry mouths only.

It also involves allergic reactions on the receptor within its action path.

Trusting an artificial cough suppressant might be hard. But this one is a natural lozenge made of eucalyptus oil, sugar licorice, and other natural ingredients.

They dissolve very fast and comfortably in the mouth making it act fast on the coughs and irritations. It is highly flavored to give you a sweet taste as the menthol works on the causes of the discomfort in your mouth and throat tissues.

This is a form of medication you can take without the doctor's prescription. This aspect makes it convenient salvage in cases of random throat and mouth pains.


  • Has a very decent and updated form of packaging hence more comfortable to carry along
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Works instantly on sore throats and coughs
  • Dissolves very fast in the mouth


  • The mental taste and smell is usually strong

Boiron Throatcalm Tablets for Sore Throat Relief, 60 Count

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6. Boiron Throatcalm Tablets for Sore Throat Relief



Taking care of your throat is vital for artists who rely on a solid vocal performance. Boiron is one of the longest established family companies who set out in 1932.

They are best known for their flu medicine and pain relief. They are a trusted brand delivering to over 50 countries utilising natural and effective remedies.

They have developed Throatcalm to help temporarily relieve minor red, dry and sore throats and hoarseness. They work well for sore tonsils too.

This product really works well. I found this product fast acting and could feel the results in a few hours and did not cause any drowsiness. They were easy to take by dissolving the tablets under my tongue.

I found this useful as swallowing a tablet would have been painful. They are flavourless, I found this handy as I could keep a pack of 60 in the home medicine cabinet ready for the next person to use them. 


Adults and children over 12, dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue every 15 minutes for 1 hour, then desolve2 tablets under the tongue 3 times a day until symptoms are relieved. For children under 12 consult a doctor. 

Original All Natural Silver Lozenges - Soothing Honey with Lemon: The Perfect Lozenge for Oral Health, Daily Supplementation, Contains 30ppm Silver

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7. Original All Natural Silver Throat Lozenges



You would not want to add more distress to your burning throats with an irritating taste of a medicine. This natural silver throat lozenge is of great flavor.

For most of the mouth discomfort, this is the one of the best salvage. It can also be used us a perfect daily supplement.

Some of the irritant situation it can help on include dry coughs, sore throats, dry mouth, etc.

Unlike most of the tablets which give temporary relief, this one has an ample contact time with the mouth tissues hence delivering a long-lasting healing effect.

The silver in it works tough on the source of the irritations as the sweet taste keeps your mouth fresh.

This combination of hard of irritants and soft on the mouth makes it a very superior tablet when it comes to oral health maintenance.


  • Has a sweet taste
  • Has an extended contact with the mouth hence a prolonged relieve
  • Can be used as a daily supplement


  • The feeling of silver might not be pleasant to all

Any time you find yourself having a sore throat or an irritating cough, you should consider using one of the lozenges reviewed above.

Buyers Guide

Whether this is your first time or not, some factors need to be clarified to a certain degree before you buy or start using throat lozenges. This will help you to make a better purchase decision as well as avoid the potential adverse effects that may arise from using it.

However, you have nothing much to worry about. Many people just like you have found the best throat lozenges to be a perfect solution in one situation or the other. In other words, they have been using it successfully without any health damage.

Regardless of the season, weather condition or context, cough can be a complicated symptom of serious health issues. For example, this could be a strong sign of imminent lung cancer, heart disease or asthma. Besides, a simple mild cough can also be problematic for many people.

Whatever the level of severity, if your cough had not lasted for more than three days, a simple solution like throat lozenge or cough drop is what you need.

Moreover, other issues like sore and dry throat could make some people begin to lose confidence in their ability to sing, especially when it is needed. Bearing this in mind, a lot of people come to market with an active interest in the best throat lozenges for singers. Perhaps, you should take note of the fact that other people can use these products as well.

Before you commit to buy cough drop or throat lozenge on Amazon, below are some of the most important factors worth considering.


Just as the brands and manufacturers operating in this market differs, the ingredients used in making the product are usually different as well. Based on my findings, these manufacturers make the products to match the variations in potential buyer tastes and preferences. Generally, most of the major throat lozenges ingredients will include –

  • Benzocaine
  • Pectin
  • Dextromethorphan
  • Menthol
  • Peppermint oil
  • Honey

These are general ingredients you'll find in most of these products. But all of them won't be contained in each product at the same time. If you have a clear idea of what you want concerning the ingredients, identifying the best options in the market will be easier for you.

Moreover, there is the issue of active and inactive ingredients. For example, while menthol might be mildly contained in some, it isn't present in others. In line with this, some potential buyers often come into the marketing looking for the best throat lozenges without menthol.

As a testament to what I said above about variation in buyer preferences, below are some other terms people use when searching for this product –

  • Sore throat lozenges with zinc
  • Sore throat lozenges with lidocaine
  • Sore throat lozenges with antibiotics
  • Sore throat lozenges with benzocaine

The main point here is to be very specific about the active ingredients that matter most to you. Then check out the labels properly before placing your order. Fortunately, this might even save you a good amount of time. That would have been spent browsing from one page to the other.


Sweeteners and flavor are some other important factors that make one of these products from the other. While it is impossible to taste its flavor before order placement, some indicators have been proven to be reliable. Just around the pack of each product and on the product sales page, you'll find a clear indication of the real flavor on them. The most popular ones include lemon, cherry, sweet ginger spice, menthol, green apple and honey.

Just like the ingredients, you have to be clear enough about your preferable lozenges flavor. On each product sales page, even the color of the pack will give you an idea of what should taste like.


How effective is sore throat lozenge? This is the exact question in the minds of many potential buyers. Depending on the ingredients used, getting relief from a sore throat or dry mouth doesn't take more than 24 – 72 hours in most cases. What I have found is that continued usage is required to have it cleared completely so that you can start enjoying your normal singing activities.

In most cases, the dosage is clearly stated for users in different age brackets. However, some people usually have a specific interest in the best sore throat lozenges for kids.


Looking for the best solution on how to cure sore throat very fast? Well, the interesting thing is that you don't need a big bag of the best lozenges to start with. The quantity is usually measured first in packs. Then each pack comes with a certain number of drops. For most of these products, you'll find 2 – 5 packs while each one contains around 60 – 300 drops.

Expiration Date

The nature of this product means that the expiry date is one salient point you don't want to overlook during purchase and before usage. Just like many other food, drug and supplement related products, you just have to check the expiry date on anyone that appeal most to you. Fortunately, you'll find the expiry date on the pack. Besides, you may want to ask further questions on the product sales to get answers from the seller.

Best Brands

What are the best sore throat lozenges brands? Here is another important question that a lot of potential buyers ask from time to time. If you don't have any specific brand in mind, you may want to read through the best throat lozenges reviews in the earlier section of this buying guide.

One interesting fact worth noting here is that ingredients, flavor, effectiveness are usually more important than brand names. While some bestselling brands enjoy a certain level of popularity, some other lesser-known brands have great products as well. The only important thing about the brand distinction is customer service – how responsive are they after your purchase? Just in case if anything arises.

In no particular order, here are the top-rated lozenges brands in the market.

  • My Doctor Suggests
  • Sucrets
  • Cepacol
  • Halls
  • Ricola
  • Jackman's
  • Thayer's
  • VocalZone

Based on my observations while researching this post, it was obvious that a lot of people interested in these brands were following recommendations from satisfied buyers. Most times these recommendations are either from a friend, family member or work associate. These are little testimonies of why these brands are the best in this niche market.


Sore throat lozenges price is usually cheap in many ramifications. Based on this fact, affordability is usually not an issue for a great percentage of potential buyers. However, some people will still want to find out the price of each product. This is very simple. Just follow the link around each of the products listed above and you'll find the current price on Amazon. Before doing that, just be informed that the price range is usually between $3 - $15. While deciding on price or which one to buy, don't forget to check variations regarding quality. Remember what I said earlier about packs and drops.


Are there any precautions you need to be aware of? Yes.

Every potential buyer is usually different from the other. Here I am talking about the health status of each individual not just a variation of purchase preferences. Looking at the nature of this product, the two main precautions that need to be considered are the following –

Diabetic Users: If you are a diabetic and you have you are looking for a solution to sore throat, every product in this market might not work well for you. In specific terms, you should consider the best sugar-free lozenges for sore throat. Look for the indication on the product sales page or the pack. Consider asking questions on the product sales page before purchase.

If in doubt, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.

Pregnant Users: Probably, you may be among the people looking for insights on how to cure sore throat during pregnancy. Maybe you have an imminent singing engagement. But now the sore throat is a big issue. While there are different options you might explore, please ask questions on the product sales page. By doing that, other experienced users, as well as the seller of each different lozenges, will provide prompt and insightful answers. Once again, if in doubt, consult a medical practitioner.

FAQ Section

When should I go to the doctor for a sore throat?

Most sore throats will resolve itself within 10 days naturally. However there are certain instances when you should consult a doctor. This includes, if you have a severe sore throat for 1 or 2 days and a fever over 101 degrees. It is also advised to see a doctor if it is causes difficulty sleeping because of swelling of tonsils or adenoids.

Why is a sore throat worse at night?

There are a number of reasons your throat can feel worse at night. These may vary from talking all day to the air condition in your home. The air in the home changes, more so at night and in winter months. This is because people have the heating on, and windows closed. This causes poor circulation and a dryer air. A good tip to help with a sore throat at night is to gargle with salt water or sip warm tea or water with honey and lemon.

What foods kill virus's?

There are a number of foods that are known to supress viruses. These are commonly found in a healthy diet in the west. These include food and drinks such as garlic, green tea and elderberry. All these foods have different natural properties to help kill virus’.

How can I boost my immune system?

Prevention is better than cure. Boosting your immune system will save you from many of the reasons you get a sore throat in the first place.

The best way to boost it is to live a healthy and balanced life. This includes a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Exercising regularly especially outside is important.

Sleep is very important to maintain a healthy immune system. The recommendation is 8 hours for the average adult. Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated is another key aspect of having a great immune system. It is recommended that adults drink at least 6 glasses a day.


Here are our top 5 Best Throat Lozenges for Singers:

  1. Cepacol Maximum Strength Cough Drops that Numb Throat (Best lozenges for singers)
  2. Sucrets Classic Sore Throat Lozenges (Fast acting lozenges)
  3. Original All Natural Silver Throat Lozenges
  4. HALLS Sugar-Free Cough Drops
  5. Fisherman's Friend – Menthol Cough Suppressant Lozenges

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