Best Soprano Saxophone – 2021 Update!

Best Soprano Saxophone in 2018

Most of the greatest musicians in the world have confessed to owning one or more soprano saxophones. It’s like the secret recipe of making great music.

A soprano sax provides a vibrant and amazing voice to all genres of music including jazz, pop, R&B, classical and even blues. Saxophone brands are different; some better than others. If you are looking for one, you need to find that which perfectly suits your kind of music.

Think about factors like the construction, durability, size, keys, and even range. The price is also critical. Here is a comparison table featuring ten outstanding soprano saxophones. It is followed by reviews of the same and a buying guide to help you choose the best one.

Best Soprano Saxophones in 2018

1. Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone

Yamaha is known to make some of the best soprano saxophones that the world has ever had. This one comes with a classic design and produces excellent sound as well as tone. With its custom-style Bb spatula, you are able to play it comfortably and improve your techniques. It is great for beginners and suitable if you wish to boost the quality of your music.

It comes with an adjustable thump rest.  With it, you can be able to comfortably position your hand and finger while playing the Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone.

This Yamaha Soprano sax has a lower vent tube. It helps to reduce noise production on the lower vent key action.

It comes with quality keys. Its high F# key provides much alternate fingering. It also allows for a true F#. They are also lighter for enhancing your comfort during positioning.

The sax has an advanced body taper. It enhances the intonation while you play. It also allows for optimum flow of air.

Another ideal feature is the key post rib plate that comes with improved protection. It not only increases the saxophone’s strength but also its durability.

It also has a bullet-point pivot screws (headless). They make adjustment quicker and more comfortable.

The Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone has laser engraving. It improves its looks by making it sharper and appealing.

It comes with a mouth piece as well as a case that you can use to carry or store the sax.


  • Light, quality and comfortable keys
  • Enhanced intonation
  • Lower vent tube for noise reduction
  • Durable saxophone
  • Stylish and more precise looks
  • Headless and bullet-point pivot screws for fast adjustment
  • Adjustable thump rest for comfortable positioning


  • It may not be the best saxophone for experienced saxophonists

2. Nuvo N510JBBK Soprano Saxophone for kids

You should not be hesitant to buy the Nuvo N510JBBK Soprano Saxophone. Its sound quality is perfect and it is extremely fun to play. Comfort and ease to use is also another reason why you should get it. Like every other Nuvo instrument, it is pitched like a C which makes it ideal to play with Windstar’s songs. It is ideal for kids although other saxophonists can use it.

The saxophone makes use of a saxophone fingering patterns that are traditional. This design allows your kids to enhance their playing skills as well as sax embouchure when they are young.

It produces a mellow sound that is quality and fun to listen to. You can play it for hours without getting bored.

It comes with a set of plugs that come in handy when players with small fingers are playing it. They can use them to close the tone holes during their first days of training.

This saxophone is durable. It is also waterproof hence your child can use it for a long time. All you need to do is ensure that it is properly used.

Another reason why most people love this sax is the fact that it is lightweight. Users don’t feel like they are holding massive weight when playing hence they are comfortable. It also makes it ideal for travellers.

It is sold with a blow-molded case. You can use to carry the saxophone. It is also convenient for storage.

Additional accessories include a carry strap, a fingering chat and mouthpieces


  • Produces an excellent mellow sound
  • Uses traditional fingering patterns
  • It has plugs for small-fingered players
  • It is durable and waterproof
  • It is very light
  • It comes with a case for storage and carriage
  • It has mouth pieces and a fingering chart
  • It is easy to use


  • It has small parts hence unsuitable for kids below three years old

3. ammoon B Flat Soprano Saxophone

Musicians can attest to quality of this soprano saxophone’s sound quality. Once you purchase it, you get other extra accessories like a mouthpiece, a strap and a pair of gloves. It is easy to use as well as maintain. You can find it in various color tones that include blue, red, black and golden.

The soprano saxophone comes with a stylish design that makes it beautiful. It also has a curved pattern that sets it apart from many other saxophones.

Its leather pads are extremely durable. They are very tight for fantastic sound projection. They are waterproof so that you never have to worry about water damage.

The saxophone comes with a carriage case that comes in handy whenever you are moving with it. It also helps you to store it when you are not playing it.

There are shell key inlays (natural). They give your fingers an incredibly comfortable feeling when you are playing the ammoon B Flat Soprano Saxophone.

The straps provide support so that your fingers are able to move comfortably over the keys.


  • It has classic and appealing design
  • It has Shell key inlays for enhanced comfort
  • Has a carriage case that is also ideal for storage
  • Has a mouthpiece
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Durable, tight and waterproof leather pads
  • Available in many color tones
  • Has a strap for instrument support


  • The soprano saxophone can only be shipped within the United States

4. Mendini by Cecilio MSS-L+92D Gold Lacquer Straight B Flat Soprano Saxophone

This soprano sax is ideal for both learners and pros. It provides the perfect sound to complement your music. It is also pretty easy to clean and maintain since it comes with a cleaning rod and polishing cloth. It comes with a year’s warranty so that you can get a replacement in case you notice any defects within the first year of use.

It produces a rich and deep tone.  There is also an even intonation all through its range so that it can meet all your music needs.

This Cecilio soprano saxophone comes with a considerably large bore. It allows for young users to achieve an amazing and full-bodied sound.

Another feature that makes players to like this Mendini by Cecilio Flat Soprano Saxophone is its ease of use.  This is because of the fast action keys that are also quite comfortable.

Carrying and storing this soprano saxophone is taken care of. It comes with a hard case, nylon-covered, that has a zippered pocket as well as a backpack strap. It makes moving around with it quite comfortable.

Additional accessories include a mouth piece that has a reed and cap for excellent sound production. There is also a box of ten 2.5” reeds. The neck strap offers support so that your fingers can smoothly glide over the keys.


  • Quality tones and intonation
  • Has a large bore for great sound
  • Fast action for easy usability
  • Has a carriage and storage case
  • Comes with a mouth piece
  • Has a box of reeds
  • Neck strap to support the instrument while you play


  • It has some really small parts hence children below 3-years-old should not  play it

5. Legacy SS1000 Intermediate Soprano Saxophone with Case, Accessories and Mouthpiece

This Soprano Saxophone is affordable and it comes with a superior tone quality. It is perfect for both students and professional saxophonists. It is beautifully constructed to meet your needs and provide ultimate musical satisfaction. Here are some other features that make it quality and ideal.

This soprano saxophone comes with a clear lacquer. It makes it look beautiful as well as classic.

It provides great intonation as well as tones. With it, you have everything that it takes to create legendary music.

Another of its cool features is that it has is a pro style case. It is suitable for carrying the soprano saxophone if you are travelling. It is also ideal for storing and keeping it safe.

The keys are outstanding. They come with super action so that you can play with ease. The F# is high and sharp.

Apart from its fine design, it is also very affordable. This makes it an ideal music instrument to use especially if you don’t want to spend much money.

The saxophone is easy to use. All you have to do is create time to practise and you will master it within a short time.

The neck strap makes it easy for you to carry the saxophone when you are playing it. Other extra features include a standard mouthpiece, ligature, and reed as well as cork grease.


  • Great tones and intonation
  • Super action keys for easy playability
  • Has an appealing clear lacquer
  • Has a case to carry and store it
  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to use
  • It is finely crafted


  • It cannot be shipped internationally

6. Selmer SSS280R La Voix II Soprano Saxophone Outfit Lacquer

This is another exceptional soprano saxophone that you should  look for. It is the ideal instrument especially when you are aiming at producing a particular sound. It also allows you to express your feelings using a voice that is based on the amazing Selmer tradition. It is fun to play and it comes with quality features to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

One of the most distinguishing features of this soprano saxophone is its exceptional acoustic response. It is quick as well as fluid throughout all registers to ensure that you achieve your desired sound production.

The soprano sax is lightweight. This makes it easy for players to move with it. It is convenient if you are performing at different places.

With a compact key design that comes with professional spring tension, the Selmer SSS280R La Voix II Soprano Saxophone delivers quicker facility. The keys are also of excellent quality; with the G# being high.

The soprano saxophone also features Selmer USA mouthpieces. They allow you to play in an even tone. With them, you can also achieve a steady intonation that is accompanied by brilliant response.

Every part of this soprano saxophone is designed to make great music.  It comes with a neck that has slight resistance to provide superior response. It has durable leather pads that are treated for great sound projection. Its air stream development and embouchure is perfect.

The soprano saxophone comes with a light but quality case. With it, you can comfortably carry it. It also provides space for storage when necessary.

The Selmer SSS280R La Voix II Soprano Saxophone Outfit Lacquer has a clear lacquer finish. It gives it a warm timbre that makes it the ideal instrument for great saxophonists.

Other extra features include a traditional bell flare as well as multiple adjusting screws. Its body and bell; that holds the keys, has a fine engraving that makes it unique. It also has a Selmer ligature for correct sound generation.


  • Has a beautiful lacquer finish
  • Neck has some resistance for great response
  • Great sound and intonation
  • Comes with a storage and carriage case
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a compact key design
  • The leather pads are quality and treated


  • Some players have complained about having difficulties using the B key

7. Hawk Curved Soprano Saxophone Gold with Case, Mouthpiece and Reed

The Hawk Curved Soprano Saxophone is best for those who prefer curved soprano saxophones. It is finely built and it delivers a great sound. It is very easy to play and master. With a qualified trainer, it will only take you a few days. It is affordable and its value undoubtedly equals its price.

The saxophone has precise and contoured keys.  It has the key of Bb and the F# and G keys are high. All registers have an even response and the articulation is amazing.

Another convenient feature is the quality leather pads that are long-lasting. They also have metal-tone boosters. With them, you are assured of excellent sound production.

The Hawk Curved Soprano Saxophone is accompanied by a deluxe case that is extremely durable. It allows you to store and keep the instrument safe. It also comes in handy whenever you want to transport it.

It comes with ligature. It ensures that the reed and the Ebonite mouthpiece are fixed at all times. This helps to generate sound properly for great music production.

There is also a neck strap. It provides the support that you require while playing the sax so that you can comfortably move your fingers over its keys. You can also use it to carry the soprano saxophone.


  • Quality and precise keys
  • Comes with a carriage/storage case
  • It has durable leather pads
  • It produces great sound and tones
  • It is affordable
  • Ligature
  • It has a fine construction
  • Provides an even response
  • Comes with a mouthpiece


  • It can only be shipped in countries that are within the US

8. Curved Soprano Sax Play Along Pack- Kenny G Signature Licks Book & Soprano Sax

This is one of the greatest curved soprano saxophones that you can play. It comes with both elegance and quality that makes it the perfect choice for all musicians. It comes with Kenny G Signature Licks book that features his techniques and styles. It also has examples from his best songs. 

The Curved Soprano Sax has an adjustable thumb rest. It gives you maximum support when playing. It also allows you to be comfortable.

It has a modern design that is appealing. With its clear lacquer finish, you can stare at this soprano saxophone all day. The lower and upper posts are fully ribbed.

The saxophone comes with an engraved bell. It holds the keys of the saxophone so that you can play with ease.

There is a custom leather case that you will get once you purchase this soprano sax. It provides space for storage. It is also ideal for use when you want to carry it.

Ligature ensures that the saxophone’s reed and mouthpiece stay fixed. This promises proper generation of sound.

There is also a strap. It provides you with support while you play. Other features include durable leather pads and metal tone boosters. It also has two necks; a curved and straight one.


  • Excellent sound production
  • Has an adjustable thumb rest
  • Beautiful clear lacquer finish
  • Has a case for storage and carriage
  • Has a neck strap for support
  • Has a bell       
  • Comes with two necks


  • You cannot ship this soprano saxophone to some countries like Kenya

9. Merano B Flat Silver Soprano Saxophone

A lot of saxophonists have positively responded to the Merano B Flat Silver Soprano Saxophone. It comes with great tone production and the fingering is simply perfect. It is nickel plated and it comes with a fine construction.

It comes with a hard-shell case that has a velvet lining. You can use it to store the Merano B Flat Silver Soprano Saxophone and keep it safe. If you intend to move with it, it is also suitable for carriage.

With a soft cleaning cloth, it is very easy to ensure that this soprano saxophone remains spotless at all times.

It is easy to play and master. All it takes is a few days of practise and interest. Learners and professionals can use it to create unforgettable music.

It comes with other extra accessories that include a free music stand, a screw driver and a pair of gloves.


  • It is easy to play
  • It is beautifully created
  • It has a cleaning cloth
  • It comes with a music stand
  • It has nickel plating
  • It comes with a case for storage and carriage


  • Its quality is low when compared to that of Yamaha and Selmer soprano saxophones


This straight Lazarro soprano saxophone is what you need to satiate your musical needs. It is ideal for all occasions including rehearsals, concerts and orchestras. It comes with a great sound quality. Some of the extra accessories that it has are white gloves, a cleaning rod and cloth, cork grease and a screw driver.

The saxophone guarantees excellent sound quality. Professionals can use to create great music.

It comes with a stylish design that is complemented by its lasting durability. When put into proper use, you can use the saxophone for years.

It comes with a ligature that joins the reed and the mouthpiece. This helps to generate sound correctly.

The soprano saxophone also comes with a case. It helps you to carry as well as store the instrument.

There is also a strap for support when you play. It has a straight and curved neck to allow vibration to get into the body.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • It comes with a carriage case
  • It is easy to use and maintain
  • It is durable
  • It comes with ligature
  • It comes with cleaning rod and cloth
  • It is stylish


  • You cannot ship it to some countries like Kenya

Factors to consider when buying a soprano saxophone


The quality of the soprano saxophone is something that you cannot possibly ignore. Some saxophones are better than others. It is your responsibility to discern them and decide what is best for you. Some brands like Yamaha and Selmer are known to be better and also more reliable than others.

What do you plan to do with it?

How you intend to use the soprano saxophone is largely determined by the kind of player that you are. It helps you to know the features that you should prioritize. If you are regular player, you ought to pick saxophones that have superior sound quality. They should also be comfortable.  If you are playing it professionally, you have to select one that fits your genre of music.

Your experience

Your experience as a player also dictates the soprano saxophone that you should buy. Are you are beginner or a professional. Some saxophones are designed for learners while other are best for experienced saxophonists. If you are a starter, you should go for the alto saxophones as you wait to learn how to play the Tenor, the baritone as well as the high tones of the soprano sax.

Your own research

It would be reckless to wake up one day and buy any soprano saxophone that you find on the market. Research is crucial. It helps us consider all the necessary factors and finally decide what is best for us. You can consult experienced saxophonists and get their opinion about a particular instrument you can also check online reviews to know the performance of the sax that you are interested in. If it is as perfect as it looks like, you might as well purchase it.

Have you tested the instrument?

This is one of the best ways to decide whether a particular saxophone is for you or not. You can organize for a meet up with the manufacturer so that you can test the soprano saxophone. This gives you an experience of what you will get after you have bought it. If you love it, you can go ahead and make the purchase.


One of the worst things that you can do is purchase a soprano saxophone that is not durable. After a short time, the quality will start to reduce. Of course, like all products, it must wear and tear. However, some take more time than others. What material has been used to make the pads? What makes its finish? Ensure that what you buy is quality so that you can use the instrument for a long time.

Additional accessories

Most soprano saxophones are packaged with several additional accessories. They vary depending on the instrument and its brand. Some of them include cleaning rods and cloths to ensure that you can keep the sax clean at all times. Others have more than one reed and they are accompanied by ligature. There are some like the Merano B Flat Silver Soprano Saxophone that comes with a music stand. How badly do you require these extra features? If you need them for your music, you should definitely choose one with them.

 Soprano saxophones are essential for you if you dream of creating great music. Ensure that you pick the one that suits your needs. You should be comfortable playing it.  It should have a durable and appealing construction. Its tone as well as sound quality should be exceptional

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