Best Shotgun Mics under $100 for Shooting DSLR Videos

Best Shotgun Mics Under $100

Whether you’re looking for one of the best shotgun microphones for a DSLR camera, for interviews or filmmaking we’ve made it easy for you. We have handpicked the best shotgun mics under $100 that can meet the demands of any of these applications.

Our top pick Rode VMGO Super-Cardioid Mic is the lightest Rode mic weighing less than 75 grams making it one of the most lightweight on-camera mics. It’s easy to use, compact and has a tight pick-up area for crisp and clear recording. 

Best Shotgun Microphones under $100 Reviews

 1. Comica-Cvm-Vso8 (Video Microphone) for Smartphones

 Let me introduce you to one of the best shotgun mic for phone video recording. We know there are some phones with clear and quality video recording ability. Good audio to back up the video is therefore important.

This microphone provides advanced sound pick technology which gives clear audio thanks to the cardioid polar pattern. It is made of 100% Aluminum which ensures the recordings are free from background interference.

The mic has a clamp fixed to connect it with the phone making the recordings clearer. You will therefore be able to capture all moments with your phone without fear of losing audio elements to prevailing atmosphere interferences.

For outdoor video shooting, the mic has background noise filter. This makes it possible to produce high quality audios even in atrocious weather. For around $50, this mic one of the best shotgun microphones for amateur filmmakers, vloggers and a backup for professionals.

If you have a small function that doesn’t necessarily require professional photography, you might consider having this mic since it is conveniently compatible with smartphones, iPad, iPhone, Huawei etc. For the best results have your phone in airplane mode and don’t make calls during recording.


  • Advanced sound pick technology
  • Made of aluminum-durable
  • Clamp for phones
  • Has noise filters
  • Compatible with smartphones


  • Not suitable for professional videography

 2. Technica- Audio Atr-6550 Condenser Microphone

If you are looking for the best shotgun condenser microphone for outdoor videography, this is one of them. It has connector plugs designed for mounting on camera.  For around $50 this makes it another pocket friendly shotgun mics on the market.

Its considerably low price should not be mistaken for low utility. It has a frequency response of 70Hz -18,000 Hz.

The Audio Technica, unlike Comica CVM has two range settings- normal and tele (Normal 1000 ohm, tele 2200 ohm). Dislodged from the camera, the mic is very light and travel friendly. To use this condenser mic your camera must however have an external microphone jack input.

It is designed in a way that it can pick conversations from a distance at the same time ignoring (bypassing) other interferences like movements, camera vibrations, wind and other background noises. Despite being battery powered the mic has no power-on indicator. If you forget to turn it off the battery will be drained.


  • Has plugs for camera
  • Lightweight
  • Sound isolation capability
  • No power indicator


  • One must have an external microphone jack input

 3. Comica- Super-Cardioid Directional Condenser Shotgun Mic

If you looking a best shotgun microphone for field interviews, Comica Electric super Cardioid Directional mic is one of the best for the same. The mic is compatible with video cameras and devices with TRS jack of 3.5mm.

Examples of these compatible video devices include, Nikon D3200/3300/5300, Canon 60/70/80D, and Sony A7/A6500/6300 etc. This makes it non-usable on cameras without a 3.5mm TRS jack like Canon T6, T5, and T3. Nikon D3400, D5500, and Sony A6000 NEX6.

In case you will be handling both the camera and the mic with alone, you can simply mount it on a stand making it more convenient for solo outdoor interviews. Trading around $45, Comica Super-Cardioid cuts through to top ranks of best shotgun microphones under $50.

While conducting you interviews or other outdoor recordings, you need not be worried of wind and other vibrations that may interfere with the clarity of the audios. The mic is fitted with wind guards and muffs which usually help in reducing the sound interference from the background and other vibrations during the recording.


  • Sound isolation capability
  • Compatible with many cameras
  • Can be mounted on stand
  • Has guards and muffs to reduce sound interference


  • Cannot be used with devices without 3.5 mm TRS jack.

 4. TAKSTAR Sgc-598 Shotgun Microphone

It may surprise you that a mic with sensitivity of at least -32dB+/-3dB is trading for around $30. Just like Each Shot Comica mic, sgc-598 is only compatible with video devices with TRS jack of 3.5mm.

The mic is to reasonable lengths describable as a lightweight and hence very portable.  Its receiver is shaped in a way that it reduces the background noises hence enhancing clarity.  To the same effect, it is structurally designed to reduce mechanical shock. This reduces receipt of camera vibration reducing audio interference.

The low power indicator fitted to it usually makes it possible to know when it’s time to change the battery. One of the challenges when it comes to mic is usually on how to power them. SGC-598 however is easy to power as it only requires 1.5V alkaline batteries.

This condenser mic is one the best shotgun cardioid microphones for beginners in film industry as well as professionals. Its simplicity in handling and mounting on camera and stands makes is a convenient for solo and inexperienced videographers.


  • Lightweight- portable
  • Suitable for professionals and armatures
  • Clear sound free of shock and vibrations
  • Simple to handle


  • Not compatible with devices without 3.5 mm TRS jack.

 5. Rode Vmgo Mic (Lightweight)

The Rode VMGO is our pick for the best shotgun mic under $100 for 2018. It is known to deliver the most clear audio records for videography.  Its pickup area is positioned in a way that it bypasses all the background sound interferences and only focuses on the sound in front of the mic. 

The major material make of the mic is thermoplastic which gives it more life and prevents material sagging. Unlike the aforementioned mics, RODE VMGO is powered by the camera meaning no moment of the video shoot will miss the audio. It is arguably the lightest shotgun mic weighing at 73g.

Additional feature that enhances clarity of audio recorded is its windshield. It usually ensures that on outdoor recording the audios are free from interferences.

You don’t need to be in possession of a professional camera to use this mic. It is comfortably compatible with other nonprofessional devices like the iPhone.  With all those amazing features, the mic is trading for around $80


  • Very clear audios
  • No batteries-powered by camera
  • Has wind shield to prevent sound interferences
  • Compatible with even smartphones


  • You need to be close to the object to get clear sound.

You may have realized that we have tried to bring out key features that distinguish different shotgun mics. While doing so, we have maintained that even with a budget of below $100, you can still get yourself a good shotgun mic.

It important therefore, not compromise on sound simply because you are tied to a budget of $100. This therefore means that there is no excuse for poor sound for videography. You should never fail to capture moments simply because of the budget however small the moments may be, ranging from parties, weddings, proposals and other light moments.

For amateur videographers and film enthusiasts, there is always this low budget start. This article is a great insight to seeing you through to professional levels.

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