Best Headphones for Classical Music

Best Headphones for Classical Music

Finding the best headphones for classical music can be hectic if you do not know what to look for in a classical music headphone. Listening to your favorite song with headphones that are not up to your standard can make your music experience quite an awful one. That’s why we have taken the initiative to research on the major components to look for in a great classical music headphone. We have gone even further and selected the seven best classical music headphones in 2018.

While looking for a good quality classical music headphone there are some features to consider;


Getting a durable classical music headphone that will serve for a life time is one of the utmost importance. A long lasting headphone is made from high quality materials that are sure to see you through a long period of time. Classical music headphones made from aluminum or high quality wood have a tendency to last longer.


Having comfortable classical music headphones should be a priority. Perfectly padded headband and ear piece can prove useful if you love listening to music for a longer period of time. The headband should be adjustable to fit any size with ease and not to cause any discomfort.

Perfect sound

Any classical music headphone should produce music with precision and harmony to each key note.  Listening to your favorite playlist should be an amazing experience and getting headphones that produce perfect sound should be a priority.

Best Headphones for Classical Music

Whether you are looking for a YouTube mic for gaming or music, we have something for you. Here are our top picks.

1. SIVGA SV007 Over Ear Headphones 34

This is another smart option for classic music lovers from the SIVGA manufacturing Company. The SIVGA SV007 is one of the best classical headphones in 2018. It features a classic style and unique sound quality that makes every music code work in symphony.

An added feature is that this classic headphone is constructed from genuine all natural wood to give it that luxurious feel to it and marvelous acoustic listening experience. Also, it features an open back design that allows a bigger soundstage and reduces the damage to your ears. One of its marvelous features is that the classical headphones ear cups can rotate  up to 180 degrees which are very convenient for a single-side monitor.

Also, it is fitted with a stretchable headband to fit every head shape and constructed from premium leather that is durable. Additionally, the ear cups are fitted with soft ear pads to provide utmost comfort and enable you to listen to music for a long time. SIVGA classical headphones are equipped with two detachable audio cables that are 1.4 meters long with microphone for hands-free calls, a 1.8-meter stereo audio cable with an adaptor for monitoring. Moreover, it is fitted with an audio jack to provide a stronger connection with zero leakage of your music hence provide a perfect symphony of melody from the headphones. It is compatible with iPhones', iPods',   iPad , and car stereos.   


  • Have two detachable audio cables
  • It is specifically constructed to provide comfort to the listener
  • It is compatible with almost all the music devices
  • Constructed using high-quality wood to provide unique acoustical properties to classical music 


  • None identified

2. Ailihen I35 Stereo Lightweight Foldable Headphones

Are you looking for a chick classical music headphone? Then this product from   Allihen manufacturing company is one of the best in 2018.

The Allihen 135 is fitted with a tangle free, nylon cord that is equipped with an in-line microphone to pick up calls and control your music playlist.

Additionally, the headphones are designed with leatherette cushions and padded headband to provide comfort while listening to music for a long period of time. No need to worry about taking your headphones while traveling because the    Allihen 135 is a foldable design that can be easily packed to go.

Moreover, the headphones have sound isolation that makes your music experience out of this world. With these headphones, you don't need to settle for the normal pain black color as the headphones have a five-color range to pick from.

 Also, this classical music headphone is fitted with 40 mm drivers that allow and deliver powerful audio that makes your music flow in harmony. The headphones are compatible with smartphones, CD players, tablets and, laptops.   

These classical music headphones are a perfect gift for your daughter or niece as they are designed with an adjustable headband that fits any head size and growing kids or teens.


  • Have five color options to choose from
  • Compatible with almost any music device
  • Easily folded conveniently for storage and transport


  • Suitable for use at home but not for music production

3. RockPapa Over Ear Stereo Headphones

Are you looking for a classical music headphone that can be used by all family members? Then this product from RockPapa manufacturing company is suitable for you. The headphones are designed with an adjustable headband that allows you and your kids aged ten and above to use these headphones.

Also, the headphones are designed for noise cancelation which allows you not to hear the surrounding noises and makes you fully immersed in your music.    Rockpapa headphones are fitted with soft ear pads which make them comfortable for wearing over a long period of time without hurting your ears.

 It is easily portable as it can be easily folded to fit in a bag thus ideal for traveling with the headphones. Thanks to its wide variety of color options to choose from you can have the headphones in your favorite color.

Additionally, the headphones have a 1.5-meter cord that allows you to connect your headphones even from a stereo which is at a distance. Additionally, the headphones are compatible with most music devices ranging from cell phones, tablets, laptops, and     ipads.   


  • The headphones can be used by both kids and adults
  • Has a wide range of colors to choose from
  • It is compatible with most music devices  


  • It does not connect via Bluetooth
  • Not suitable for use in music production

4. Beyerdynamic DT 990 HiFi headphones

Are you looking for the perfect set of headphones that will take your classical music experience to the next level? Then this set of headphones from the   Beyerdynamic manufacturing company will make it worthwhile for your money. The DT 990 hi-fi  headphones are constructed with a precision to make each note of the music flow perfectly.  

The DT 990 is an open headphone thus enabling the outside noise being noticeable even when the music is on full blast. This feature is built in to allow you to use the headphones when walking down the street with your headphones on and still be able to hear the traffic. Also, the headphones come with a comfortable headband and ear pads that ensure excellent velvety-soft cushions like feeling on your neck and ears.

 The ear cushion provides you with comfort and the material is  a breathable, skin-friendly velour that allows you good air circulation and no accumulation of heat. Additionally, the headphones are fitted with aluminum forks to give the headphones a much comfortable feeling and stable fit for a long listening period. Moreover, the DT 990 was built for home use w2ith 250 ohms to provide that well-coordinated and precise music from your stereo or cell phone.  


  • Has a comfortable headband and ear pads to provide the needed luxurious comfort when listening to music.
  • It is fitted with aluminum forks for the stability of the headphone
  • It is an open headphone that allows you to hear outer background noises to avoid minor accidents on the streets.


 It is developed for home use and not for music production in the studios

5. Beyerdynamic DT 880

The Beyerdynamic  DT 880is another product from the Beyerdynamic  manufacturing company and it has been on the market for the past two decades hence proving it's a reliable classical music headphone.  

The DT 880 classical headphones sound very relaxed and neutral thus allowing a smooth flow of the music. The bass production penetrates very deeply but it is not overrated and it allows you to listen to the music as if you were in a concert. This feature is quite appealing to the lovers of jazz and classical music as it allows them to listen to every keynote with precision. Thanks to its unique semi-open design it allows some noise to escape and penetrate into the surrounding.

Additionally, the classical music headphones are made from carefully selected materials to provide the much-needed comfort. The combination of yokes made from aluminum and comfortable   earpads provides you with comfort and durability while listening to classical music. Moreover, the headphones have a 600-ohms version which is suitable for hi-fi  systems. Also, they are good for use with special amplifiers. The headphones can be used for all types of cellphones and home stereo amplifiers.       


  • Has breathable skin-friendly velour used for the ear pads and headband.
  • Can be used with almost all types of cell phones with ease
  • Made from durable material that can serve you for a lifetime


  • Not recommended for music production

6 BlueAnt - Pump Soul On Ear Wireless HD Headphones

BlueAnt direct is the manufacturing company behind this one of a kind classical music headphone. The BlueAnt headphone is designed with an expanded battery life and HD audio. The BlueAnt pump soul provides you with 24-hour music on a single charge thus it's ideal for traveling on long-distance journeys.

 It uses high-quality audio components to deliver the excellent high-quality keynote on each music piece. Also, the classical music headphones are designed to provide comfort to you and they are fitted with sweat-proof deluxe antimicrobial ear cups. They are constructed of lightweight plastic and aluminum to provide that sleek and sturdy look and enhance durability.

An additional feature is that these headphones come with a deluxe carry case that allows safe storage and durability of the classical music headphones. Also, the         BlueAnt headphone is sweat proof to provide you with that dry feel even if you wear the headphones the whole day. Additionally, it is equipped with a one-touch control call, track and volume. Moreover, the headphone can be easily folded to allow easier storage and portability hence convenient for traveling.    


  • Easily folded for storage and portability
  • Has an expanded battery life that can stay for 24 hours with a single charge
  • They are sweat-proof thus very convenient for the gym or jogging
  • Has a Bluetooth connection


  • They are not 100% noise canceling

7. Headphones with Microphone Over Ear Stereo Bass Foldable Wired Headphones- sound intone

Intone manufacturing company is behind the manufacturing of this fantastic classical music headphones. Intone headphones are built to provide an excellent sound performance that allows you to enjoy your music.

The overhead headphones are equipped with 40mm drivers that provide deep bass and great sound balance. Also, the headphones are noise isolating which allows you to listen to music without the disturbance from the surrounding environment.

Thanks to its unique lightweight design the headphones are sleekly designed with soft memory earmuffs that stimulate the skin and allow you to wear them with comfort. The softly padded adjustable headband allows for comfort when you have the headphones thus allow you to listen to music over a long period of time.

Moreover, the headphones are of broad compatibility and can fit with any music device ranging from cell phones, iPods', iPads', laptops, and tablets. It is easily portable as it is of has a small headphone that it is easy to  store in a bag. However, it is advised to take off the headphones after one to two hours to protect you from the muggy environment and to relax your ears while in use.


  • Has excellent sound performance
  • It has a lightweight design
  • It is easily compatible with almost all music devices


  • It does not connect via Bluetooth

Now you can listen to your favorite playlist of classical music using the best headphones available in the market. We believe that this article will help you in your decision of finding only the best classical music headphone in 2018.

All the best!