Best Earplugs for Concerts and Live Music

Best Earplugs for Concerts and Live Music

The best earplugs for concerts are not just for concert goers.

Musicians, music concert photographers, videographers, directors, security personnel and other facilitators also need to protect their ears when attending live music concerts.

If you are a regular concert goer, you possibly know the need to shield your ears from dangerous boom and cracking sounds from instruments and shouts. The ringing in the ears after the concert is actually a hearing loss and symptom to near destruction of the eardrums.

It is therefore important to have a gadget to shield your ears or reduce the noises. Earplugs are designed to isolate noises and allow the users to get safe sounds. Being in earplugs doesn’t mean you won’t hear what is happening in the concert, however it only allows you get the speech, music and other noises in a comfortable levels.

Where to buy concert ear plugs?

In this article, we have reviewed the best earplugs for concerts, some of their distinguishing characteristics and other usage tips for you. The best thing with other picks is that they aren't good just for concerts but most of them are versatile. They are also good for studying, sleeping, swimming, travelling and motorcycling

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It has two pairs of shells to give you a perfect fit. Its design is to fit in normal and large ears. 

The HYPOALLERGENIC SOFT SILICONE is a soft and non-toxic material which ensures comfort and freedom from allergies.

Best Earplugs for Concerts and Live Music - Comparison Table

Best Earplugs for Concerts and Live Music - Reviews


Favorite activities like concerts can be boring and unfulfilling if they are full of unnecessary noises. Eargasm high fidelity earplugs allow you to enjoy your activities without interference of unnecessary and dangerous noises. It cuts out excess noises while maintaining a full evenly distributed spectrum of sound.

It has to pairs of shells to give you a perfect fit.  Its design is to fit in normal and large ears. The HYPOALLERGENIC SOFT SILICONE is a soft and non-toxic material which ensures comfort and freedom from allergies. Despite being a comfortable fit, it is very easy to remove as it is fitted with an elongated pull tab to allow you pull the earplug out.

Ergonomic aluminum case for carrying the plugs makes them very portable and of high hygiene levels as they can be stored and carried along. The case has a thread lining to prevent the opening and closing while being carried in the pockets. A rubber seal is fitted to prevent moisture and dust from getting to the earplugs.

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  • Easy to maintain ear hygiene
  • Very comfortable and secure fit
  • Noise insulation
  • Portable and durable


  • Not designed to fit well in small ears.


Vibes High Fidelity earplugs for concerts reduces noise by 22 decibels. This is a superior hearing protection when attending to noisy areas.

These include sporting events, music concerts etc. the earplugs are fitted with attenuating filters which lowers volumes which ensures the users enjoy quality sound experience.

The plug is hardly invisible when put on. It is made of glass clear at the outer shell giving it a sleek low profile. In the crafting, it is reusable and excellently comfortable.

To add on this, the earplug comes with a pocket sized case giving the plugs a total breeze.

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  • Re-usable
  • Unmatched comfort
  • Practically invisible when worn
  • Superior noise protection


  • Some fitting issues 


This is the among the best earplugs for non-impulse noises like concerts, athletics, live bands, theatres, airshows, motorsports etc. it is not a recommended type of noise protection for impulse noises like gun firing.

The plug is designed in a way that copies the original sound and the ears natural responses hence giving you a similar sound just like the natural ear. This makes the sound you get to be more clear, cool and free of muffles.

Sounds and frequencies are reduced by around 20 decibels. This sound reduction blended with the natural sound allowance allows musicians to listen to the natural sound of the instruments and they blend with one another while keeping the away from dangerous sounds.

To ensure comfortable and secure fit into the ear, the plug is designed with a standard fit for all ear canals.

At the back it is fitted with a neck cord to ensure that the earplug doesn’t keep on falling out of the ear.


  • Very secure and comfortable fit
  • Give the natural sound of the year
  • Reduces danger of harmful noises
  • Has standard fit for all ear canals


  • Not favorable for impulse noises like gun firing


Our 10th pick for the top rated music concert earplugs is one is the best noise insulators as it provides flat attenuation and noise cancellation effect so that you get listening to music as you desire.

It reduces noise by 20 decibels as it is fitted with three form flanges which seal the inner ear from damaging noises.

When on them, one can barely notice them as they a largely inconspicuous. The soft medical silicone and the earplugs stems are transparent and they very well blend with the user’s skin tone. 

There is no fear of losing them as they are always kept at your fingertips by the free carrying case bought with them. This makes it possible to carry them along at any place you are in.

They are arguably the best earplugs for lawn mowing, firing range training and night club use.

Most conveniently, the earplugs are made using the United States strict noise reduction protocols. This gives the user surety on matters of health safety.

The key element in this earplug is the excellent balance between comfort and performance.


  • Very comfortable
  • Great noise insulation
  • Very inconspicuous
  • Excellent quality assurance
  • Very easy to carry as they have a free carrying case


  • Possible for the carrying case to open in your pockets


What Flare isolate earplug does is basically isolating dangerous peaks from the sound. You are therefore able to hear more detail while still protecting your ears.

These are ideal earplugs for listening to music while travelling, working, riding on motorcycles, watching sports and while in live concerts.

Unlike the traditional plastic ear foams which absorbs more sound hence allowing frequencies entry into your ear, these Isolate earplugs restrict entry of low frequencies hence giving the listener an impressive music experience.

It is possible feel as if listening to music in a quiet and cool place while you are indeed in a noisy concert.

The earplugs pack comes with small, medium and large ear foams. This makes it the best earplugs for toddlers as well adults.

They fit well in the ear hence reducing chances of sound muffling.


  • They fit well in the ear
  • Reduced sound muffling
  • Possible to buy and attach a cord to reduce falling off
  • Has sound cancellation and isolation effect
  • Very comfortable as they have ear foams


  • In extremely noisy places, the produce a bass sound or vibration sound


Let me introduce you to the first wireless 3-i-1 earplug. Doppler Labs earplugs are smart earplugs set with, noise cancellation, premium audio and voice amplification to give you a noise free listening experience.

It is therefore possible to take calls hands-free cancel or tune in sounds surrounding to your comfort.

The earplug has a portable charging system that keeps the user streamed to music for approximately 8 hours.

The battery live and Bluetooth connectivity may vary due to usage, environment and other factors.

The users are therefore usually advised to keep their apps and iOS up to date.


  • Very fast access through the touch control
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • New feature upon Apps update
  • Possible to make and take calls hands-free
  • Has voice cancellation and amplification effects.


  • Performance can be affected by poor Bluetooth connectivity
  • One needs to keep updating the plug apps


Alpine Hearing Protection is a leading earplug for musicians in Europe. It is fitted with special quality sound filters to provide a clean and cool sound.  

Just like the Doppler Labs’ Here One, it is hardly invisible when in the ear. Its grey, white, silver and black usually camouflage with the skin tones making them hard to notice.

With two filter and a plug, it I very compact and the same time very comfortable. It is therefore among the smallest earplugs for sleeping, snoring, working or even concert.

An addition to the compactness, the can be stored hygienically stored in travel air boxes.

The thermoplastic material used to make these earplugs are from a flexible and soft material.

This makes the gadget very durable. It is also designed in a shape that it fits well into the auditory duct making them very comfortable on secure and comfortable fit.


  • Has two interchangeable filters
  • Optimum protection from dangerous sounds
  • Made of flexible, soft and durable material
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Hardly visible when you are in them


  • Not the best earplug for people with large/wide ear ducts


These are tuned earplugs which are fitted with a detachable cord to provide a secure fit. For lovers of classy and classy colors, it is a pink stylish plug with 4 sizes fitting. 

The level of noise reduction is up to 12 decibels. This means on is able to isolate noise at the preserve of clear speech and music.

To enhance storage and portability, a convenient carrying case is provided. The bliss 3.o allows fit for all ear sizes.

To prevent unsafe sounding there is detachable lanyard to allow putting on or off strings.

Despite being of soft silicone make, the earplugs are durable.


  • Fits for all ear sizes
  • Allows clear music and speech while reducing noises
  • Reduce noise up to 13 decibels hence protection against dangerous sounds
  • It is stylish and classy
  • Has a detachable neck to enhance support


  • Some sounds might leak by the plugs of the fits


Rave High Fidelity filters all acoustics by lowering decibels volumes equally while still preserving the best sound quality.

This is to mean that the final sound will be free from muffle like in the case of most traditional foam earplugs.

The fit of these earplugs is customizable.  This is because of its interchangeable clear filters to customize to the best fit. These filters can be used for as deep in the canal as the user needs them.

This is because they are both in short and long stems.

One of the overlooked feature yet essential in this earplug is it ease to clean. The hypoallergenic silicone is soft, comfortable and very easy to clean hence reducing infection chances.

Its volume reduction is up to 19 decibels. This makes it one of the best earplugs for heavy music lovers, concerts goers ad live bands performers.


  • Customizable fit in the ear
  • Has both short and long stems for perfect fit
  • Reduces noises and harmful sounds u[ to 19 decibels
  • Very easy to clean
  • Keeps the sound clear and free of muffs


  • Not favorable for underwater use. It has a small channel at the acoustic filter which can allow water.


These are made of moldable silicon. This make them among the best waterproof earplugs. At the same time the non-allergenic material provides a safe hearing from dangerous noises.

The material molds very well to the ear contours of different shapes and sizes. This makes them the best earplugs for sleeping, swimming, studying, bathing, snoring, reading and other loud noises events like concerts.

Amazingly this has been severally described as a marriage saver. This is due to its recommendation for use by those sleeping with snoring spouse.

For water infections like otitis externa, the doctors have recommended use of this earplug. They are safe for use with ear tubes making them the best earplugs for swimmers.

For most buyers, company history in making the products is key. These earplugs have been approved and company vet making them the Official USA swimming earplugs.

It has among the highest noise reduction rate of 22 decibels.


  • High noise reduction rates
  • Very comfortable
  • Waterproof hence good for use underwater
  • Good for resisting both impulse and non-impulse noises
  • Made of moldable material that fit to contours of all ears


  • Could be dangerous if caught in the windpipe

Best Earplugs for Concerts and Live Music - Buyers Guide

Destruction of eardrums hardly happens at once. But the cumulative effects of excessively loud sounds in some environment could be destructive. This is the risk that constant attendants of sporting events, clubs and concerts face in real life. To protect your hearing from such situations, the best earplugs for concerts and live music comes into play.

With this simple device, you'll be able to enjoy every desirable sound in different contexts, without worries about hearing loss or impairment. If you are constantly attending clubs and concerts, this is something you don't have to ignore in a hurry.

In case this is your first time intending to buy an earplug for live music, some things might be unclear to you. And that could make choosing the best suitable option slightly hard for you. That is the essence of this earplug buying guide. In addition to the reviews in this post, we'll be clarifying the most important factors that will help you make a practical comparison.

Whether you have specific features in mind or not, an increased understanding of these things will enable you to narrow down your option and to identify the one that will match your preferences as well as the current budget.

Intended Use Cases 

How do you want to use the earplug?

This is the very first question that needs to be answered. Generally, it may seem that these plugs work in every noisy environment. However, the main thing to keep in mind is that the best earplugs often differ from one another. In specific terms, some are built for single-purpose use cases while others are built to work in varying contexts. Understanding this clarification is very important before you place an order on any one of them. Concerts aside, some other purposes that these products are usually built for include the following –

  • Earplug for snoring
  • Earplug for sleeping
  • Earplug for studying
  • Earplug for live music
  • Earplug for shooting
  • Earplug for rock musicians
  • Earplug for drummers

As you'll find from each product sales page, most of these products are either meant specifically for one use case or multiple. In addition to manufacturer-initiated tests, a lot of users actively participating in the Amazon community have diverse experiences when it comes to using this product. Moreover, you can go further to get answers from each seller. The obvious thing is that most of the earplug reviews in this buying guide are focused on the ones for concerts and live music.

Sound Quality

Especially in concert and music contexts, the quality of sound that is passing through to your ear is another differentiator among these products. Most times it has to do with the material used in making each product. While some are made of silicone material others are made of very soft rubber material. The main thing is that your noise-canceling earplug should have a filter that allows the real desirable sound to pass through without distortion. In this case, you'll be better off with the one that has a filter instead of mere foam.

Protection Capacity 

Here we are talking about the capacity to protect your eardrums or hearing against destructive sound levels. To understand the variations in this regard, look into the noise reduction rating (NRR) which is usually measured in decibels. This is another area where one plug differs from the others. The shape and size of each plug also play a role in its capacity for protection against undesirable noise levels. Given this fact, most manufacturers offer different sizes and designs in a single pack.


Remember what I said earlier that once in a blue moon exposure to loud noise can hardly be destructive. Interestingly, many people ought to wear their plugs for long hours. This is why comfortability must be considered before you commit to buy a noise-canceling earplug online or offline. Think about the people that work with a motorcycle daily or the ones that work in a heavy machine environment all day long. If the plug isn't comfortable enough, you are bound to experience distracting irritation. To get the best option, consider the material used in making each product. Silicone is the best material in this case.

Cleaning The Plug

Depending on how often you use your plug, the need to clean it will always arise from time to time. Perhaps, this is something you don't have to overlook in a hurry. Endeavor to confirm how to clean each one before you buy it. But from what I have seen, you can always clean each of the pairs with warm water and little soap addition. Inside each of the packs, you'll also find a practical user manual.

Earplug Price

What is the price of earplugs for the concert?

If not you, many other potential buyers often start their search questions like this. as simple as the tool is, there is no single standard answer to that. Many of these manufacturers use different materials and processes to bring their products to market. Hence, the prices vary from one seller to the other.

The other thing you have to consider about price is to determine the type of earplug or specific use case first. This will help you concentrate your feature and price comparison on products that are built to fulfill your needs and at the same time fall within your current budget.

In case you want to buy a cheap earplug on Amazon, prepare to spend something between $3 - $15. Please note that the price will always vary depending on the number of pairs in a pack or bundle offer. Regardless of your current budget, you'll find one or more affordable options from the reviews above.

Best Brands

Assuming that brand distinction or loyalty is a thing for you, you'll also find some of the best earplug brands in this buying guide as well. Based on my findings and comparison, some of these brands are older than others. However, age isn't a yardstick for quality.

Besides, people that are interested in specific brand names will also find most of them represented here. From the reviews above, you can choose the one that appeals most to you.

At the time of this writing, some the bestsellers include Radians, Howard Leight, Honeywell, SureFire, Eargasm, EarPeace, Hearos, DownBeats and Flents.

Where To Buy Earplug 

Where can I buy earplugs for concerts?

To you, it may seem trivial. But some people are just in need of a place to buy the best earplug for concerts. Think about people that may be new in a city. However, from the links around each of the earplug reviews above, you'll be able to buy an affordable earplug on Amazon. Besides, you may consider other online or offline retailers if Amazon doesn't work for you. But if you have been buying stuff successfully from this globally trusted brand, you should be able to have the plugs sent to you in no time.

Return And Replacement 

One thing you don't have to forget is the return, replacement and refund policy around each product. Please do not skip this part. It is one of the most important parts of this earplug buying guide. Do not buy and keep for future use. If the allowed return duration elapses and you need to return this product for any reason, you may not be able to do that. What you have to do is to ask further questions directed at each seller on their product sales page.