Best Busking Amps for 2018

best buskers amp for gigging guitarists

Street performances involve competing for attention with the streets environment. This means as a busker you need to be loud enough and give a dominant performance. Imagine setting up a return on the street and you instruments or sound systems are barely audible. You might not get much attention to attract even crowd. In most instances also, you will need to set up a stage as fast as possible since you have bumped into an inspiring gathering.

You will, therefore, need very versatile and portable devices which will help you move from place to place very comfortably. It might be very tedious to carry along large devices to set at different locations for performance. Also, you can't keep on getting different amps for various events. You will need to get yourself an amp that you will use in most if not all circumstances. Yes, An amp that will give you good sound and quality performance.

To save you the hustle of shuffling amps in search of the best, we have analyzed for you the best amps for buskers. We have further compared them to make your selection easier and accurate.

The Amps for Buskers and Gigging Guitarists

1. Fender Acoustasonic 15 – 15 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

 If you are a stand-up performer, you don't have to carry a whole set of instruments. You can imagine a set of speakers, mixtures, and amplifiers for every performance. That might be very tiresome.

Fender Acoustasonic 100 Combo is a portable amp with excellent sound. It is very light, and hence be can be carried along for impromptu performances. I would just describe it as a flexible and straightforward amp.

You can plug-in your instruments conveniently as it uses the quarter jack which is standard for most devices. The output is of quality sound as it is of up to 15 watts. 

In case of practice for performance, it has an earphone output. This allows you to listen to your instruments without necessary interrupting people around you.

Fender Acoustasonic 100 Combo is one the best busking amp for acoustic performers. This is due to its simple set up and quality performance. As an acoustic performer, you will at times get short notices for your performance. You can't compromise your performance due to hurry.

You will, therefore, need an amp that isn't just fast to set up but will also give you an ideal level of performance. Fender Acoustasonic 100 Combo is the right deal. It is the only amp with an extended speaker to provide an enhanced sound.


  • Lightweight hence portable
  • Has clear output
  • Support different types of inputs as it uses the standard quarter jack
  • The amp has an extended speaker unit for enhanced sound.


  • Not compatible with inputs not using the quarter jack

2. Fishman Loudbox Artist Acoustic Instrument Amplifier

This amp is the classic combination of lightweight and quality sound. With a sound of 120W, this is an amp that you'd use for all your performances. The sound isn't just powerful but also free from noises. It has combined mid-range, bass and treble, and echoes and vibration control system.

With two multipurpose channels, you can conveniently plug in different inputs for different performances. Serious and regular music performer will find this amp very viable as it delivers with consistency.

For any performer, clear sound is vital. This is exactly what this amp delivers. It has unnecessary feedbacks isolation and filters hence giving a clean sound. In addition to this feature, it can be described as a lightweight amp.

The plywood-covered box is both durable and light. It, therefore, makes the amp very portable. No performer would want to invest in an amp that can suit different events. It would be tiresome to keep on getting different amps for different events. This amp, however, is very versatile.


  • Is a versatile busking amp
  • Very compact and flexible
  • Has a durable wooden cabinet
  • Has consistent quality output


  • Doesn't have the MINI connectivity

3. VOX MINI3G2CL Battery Powered Modeling Amp, 3W, Classic

 If you are looking for an amp will support the full range of instruments and give you heavy and clean sound, Vox Mini 5 Rhythm Guitar Amp Classic Finish is the real deal. It is fitted with sound qualifiers like flaggers and reverbs.

This ensures the output sound is always quality and consistent. Other than supporting numerous instruments, it has an audio jack for plugging in audio sources like music players and DVD players.  The quarter input jack port is standard for many sound inputs like the keyboard, guitars, mics etc.

The amp is battery powered and very portable. Its considerably small size makes is both good for practicing with at home and for outdoor events.  You can comfortably carry and set it up for different events outdoor. Even at low volumes the sound it provides a clean and powerful sound. This is due to its separate sound control units for its effects. It is, therefore, able to isolate sound and noise and delivering continuous output. Most performers will love a compact amp. A small but full set amp. And this is the perfect definition of Vox Mini 5 Rhythm Guitar Amp Classic Finish. It is a versatile high-performance amp.


  • Compact, flexible and portable
  • Very versatile hence usable for different events
  • Has a headphones input port for listening to oneself
  • Gives powerful and clean sound
  • It is covered with a durable plywood


  • Does not have MIDI connection and thus not the best if you need the connection
  • Only connects with inputs using ¼ Jack.

4. Laney Amps LAN-A1+ Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

As much as we are emphasizing on the need for versatility when it comes to amps, simplicity and portability should not be overlooked. We found this amp to fit the bill on this account. It is a two channels Amp just like most of the busker’s amps.

But unlike Vox Mini 5 Rhythm Guitar Amp Classic Finish which doesn't support XLR jacks, this amp supports XLR inputs to give an enhanced sound. The identical channels will allow you to plug in and use two inputs for one instrument. For example a mick and a guitar, a solo and it rhythm guitar, etc.

For any acoustic performer heavy sound and variety of instruments, support is of interest when looking for an amp. This amp has a frequency rate of up to 80W.  The prompts heavy bass from the woofer. The amp is designed to deliver clear sound; it is fitted with tweeters to produce clear sounds even with the mighty booming sounds.

All these features are contained in a wooden cabinet. This makes it very compact and portable. The wood is both hard and light. It is therefore very durable and portable.  You can easily mount the amp for perfect sound distribution. This is because it is fitted with a tripod for the same.


  • Fitted with twitters for clear sound
  • Has powerful bass
  • Made of durable cabinet
  • Its light and hence portable
  • Has a tripod stand for mounting


  • Doesn’t have MINI and XLR connections

5. Roland CUBE Street EX 4-Channel 50-Watt Battery Powered Amplifier

We ranked this as the best busking amp due to its high-quality performance. When it comes to delivering compelling and clean sound, Roland cube street amp tops the list.

It has a combined 50W power which is arguably a good sound. If you are a busker, you need to have well loud sound output, and this is exactly what this amp delivers.

This amp is among those with many channels as it has four of them. All of them are independent hence supporting more inputs like the instruments and audio inputs like mics. Other than supporting quarter jack compatible inputs, it has XLR inputs supports which diversifies its usability.

Another good element of this amp is its ability to clean sound. The woofer gives the bass as the tweeters clean the noise. This combination gives out very quality output. It can isolate stage sounds to avoid feedbacks and echoes hence a good amp for both on stage and outdoor performances.

Unlike the tradition public address systems, which are mainly inflexible, Roland cube amp is very portable. It is powered by eight batteries and hence can be used anywhere even without electricity connectivity. To add to this portability is its lightweight nature. It is therefore easy to transport to different events and places for performance.


  • Supports wide range of inputs
  • Has more channels than most busking amps
  • Very compact and flexible
  • Has quality sound
  • Battery powered


  • Does not have MINI connectivity

Most buskers will find themselves performing in different places. At times making stops at a small gathering to perform. Such impromptu performances require fast stage set-up of instruments and mics. Buskers' amps are ideal for allowing them to do put their performance up as fast as possible without sound compromise.

We have in this article tried to analyze some of the best amps for buskers. We believe that you will be in a position to choose the best amp that fits your requirements.

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