The 6 Best Audio Interfaces For Fl-Studio DAW

best audio interfaces for fl studio

Will you get different results when you use the same DAW software with different audio interfaces? Yes and No

There have been different artists who claim they noticed some differences when they changed their audio interface. While there could be different features that could be the cause, including drivers, settings, firmware, OS and laptop, sometimes an audio interface maybe the reason.

In this post, we have picked 6 of the audio interfaces for Fl-Studio music production software. It's good to note that all of these audio interfaces will work with other DAW software including ableton and logic pro x. 

About FL Studio DAW

FL Studio utility is in being customizable making it the most recommended DAWs for beginners. It therefore requires simple interface to ensure quick transition of playlist. You will agree with me that it is almost impossible to have best quality audio output without having a good audio interface. To get quality audio output therefore, you will need Audio interfaces that are compatible to the Fl studio.

Some of its pros are its free updates, drag and drop skill that is quick to learn and apply, piano roll which makes notes fast and conveniently (at a click of a button), possession of plug-ins to insert other music enhancing peripherals like mixers and its simplicity to learn for armature mixers.

Other outstanding features include stock plugins which makes it great for mixing and mastering visual learners, its scalable interface, and its Intuitive piano roll. It is however discredited for its possible crash and unavailability of its Linux versions (native).

You may want to know some of the features to consider when settling for an audio interface. 

They include:

  • Compatibility with the workstation operating system and software’s used.
  • Number of the pc ports
  • Portability (size, shape and weight)
  • Number and type of input and output channels

Best Audio interfaces for Fl-Studio

1. Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

With 18 inputs and 20 outputs Focusrite 18i20 allows you to connect almost anything, making recording a breeze. On the front are 4 inputs featuring the natural sounding mic preamp. Giving you more convenience are 4 more inputs to connects keyboards, mixers and synths.  There are also 2 more inputs 3/PDIF inputs to record digital sources.  It can work with any PC and DAW including FL Studio.

Among all other Scarlett interfaces, Scarlet Solo, Scarlet 2i2, Scarlett 2i4, Scarlet 6i6, and Scarlet 18i20, this is the most advanced.  With 18 in and 20 out, 8 mic pres, 8 analog in and out and 2 headphone outs. Other features include ADAT I/O. SDIF, MIDI I/O, Focusrite control software and comes With Pro Tools.

One of the reasons why we picked this device in our list of best audio interface is its ability to easily connect to computer device only taking below 10 minutes.  Other applications like Skype can be comfortably connected through the two front inputs. This makes it one of the best recording audio interface for pc.

With this device, it is possible to connect a mic while still listening to the audio from the left speaker output since it is a mono and not mix controls enabled. You may be worried how this is possible without getting any delays. Internal software included in the scarlet and other routed abilities make it possible to monitor sound faster and effectively.  We would recommend this device for multitrack live recording.


  • 18 in / 20 out.
  • 8 powerful mic preamps
  • In-build phantom power
  • Solid metal case


  • Isolated complaints of the Focusrite ASIO drive crashing on Windows 10

2. Tascam Celesonic 

In our review of the best budget friendly USB audio interfaces Tascam US-2x2 USB Audio Interface and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 emerged the winners selling around $150. While these 2 can be used with FL Studio, we have another great deal interface from Tescam for about $500 and  comfortably connect with Fl studio 12 and 10. 

Compared to the Tascam US-2X2, US-4X4, and US-16X08, US-20x20 is the most advanced with 20 ins, 20 output, 8 mic preamps and 20W power rating, this assures maximum versatility and connectivity.  You can use as a standalone mixer, 8-channel mic preamp or as an audio interface.

With 8 Ultra-HDDA mic preamps and USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 supports you are assured of ultrafast and high quality recording. It also comes in with Built-in DSP for EQ for reverb and compression making mixing easier.

To give you control there are dual headphone outputs allowing you to independently monitor the outputs. Recording qualities of up to 24-bit/192kHz and supports all operating systems and DAW software including FL-Studio. There is also a MIDI I/0.

Tascam celesonic is arguably among the best USB audio interface that can comfortably connect with Fl studio 12 and 10. This is due to its great sound preamps that provide quality audio recordings and outputs.

We found this a good deal for live band musicians and stage performers. This is because of its ability to support over 2 inputs like the guitar and drums. This is unlike scarlet interface that doesn’t allow for mix control.

With this interface, you will be able to record a series of tracks without fear of delays. Despite recording audios from different inputs, it is designed to deliver clear and impeccable output fast and conveniently.   


  • Supports both USB 3.0 AND 2.0
  • Conveniently connect to iPad and iOS devices
  • 20 X 20 simultaneous I/O and 8 Preamps


        1. Isolated complaints of driver problems.

3. Apollo Twin Mkii Duo

We ranked this among the best interfaces for 2018 as it is one of the best universal audio interface with world class level of audio conversion that can process tracks from different inputs without latency.  Some of the inputs supported include; mics, guitars, drums, tape machines, preamps etc.

 Another propeller feature is the services contained in the software e.g. the drag and drop, mix control, resizable window and other plugins available in major DAWs.

We realized it is a good audio interface for desktop music production. It is compatible to Mac and Windows, with few challenges noted in connectivity to advanced production software.


  • Real time UAD processor
  • Connects with desktops
  • Supported by music production software
  • Records with near zero latency


     1. Could have problem routing with advanced software.

4. Steinberg Ur44

One of the factors that stands out in UR44 is its good balance between connectivity and portability. Despite having sound regulating and control features, it still balances on its net weight making it very portable. This is fitted with compatibility drivers for mac OS and Windows making it able to support almost all audio recording software. 

If you are planning to establish a recording studio, live band performance or even a home studio, you may find this more valuable as it allows for voice input through mics and other instruments like the keyboard, guitar and drums.

To sum it all, we found this as among the simplest audio interface to handle. It is very simple to set as it only requires installation of drivers and software, a process that takes less than 10 minutes even without technical or other support staff.


  • Simply to handle
  • Supported by music production software
  • Supports several musical instruments at a time.
  • Full metal casing-durable


  • Some drivers may fail to connect with windows.

5. Presonus Audiobox 44vsl 

Another top contender for the best audio interface is Presonus. It has modifications to ensure balance of both input and output channels. This ensures quality output free from unnecessary noises and vibrations.

When playing tracks on this interface, you are assured of no latency as you feel like you playing on an analogue mixer. This is due to the software utilities that allow for control mixing.

We recommend this for small bands and home recording. This is due to is compatibility with computer devices. You can therefore use the desktop mixing features.


  • Conveniently portable
  • Possibly to apply computer effects
  • Fast and clean sound transmission.
  • Works virtually with all macs and windows


  • Drivers might fail to connect with older windows

You will agree with me that in whatever activity you may need to engage in, be it streaming, music recording, video gaming, live band performances, home parties etc., good sound is key. In this article we have brought your hustle for best audio interface for Fl studio as well those best for pcs close to an end

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